Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Postmodernity and individuation belong to a lateral spectrum where contemporary proclivities of self righteousness and self evisceration find full expression. Perhaps the evisceration precludes and is a necessary precondition of self righteousness. Popular culture, media, pop psychology dovetail inexorably to rob the human condition of its ineffable complexity and kitschify and radicalize a narcissism whose predicates may be ineffectually concealed but whose constituent obsessions become conspicuously quotidian.

Facebook and twitter are putative modes of self expression but a solipsism underscores their essential humaneness. As the members of this hallowed communality increase a global network of intersecting narcissisms proliferates which ricochet variegatedly  but never conjoin.

And that is because these forms are blueprints of the postmodern individual. Deceptively self contained, buttressed by a self exculpatory intransigence, buoyed by a belief in his humanity which, unfurling from him, by him, of him, folds back on itself. Opinions are proffered, often unsolicited. Offense is articulated, many times over inconsequentiality. And the astounding aspect of self deception wherein depths of unplumbed psychopathologies are normalized and projected. An excoriating exegetical ability is eviscerated, theories are dissected, deep human dimensions promulgated yet these are unassimilated by lived experience, uninflected by self knowledge and an outrageous negation of any sense of selfhood. Ironically the more  worldliness is demonstrated, the greater the repression of uncongenial propensities within.

Individuation presupposes wholeness, a untapped fulcrum which can, through psychological peregrinations, be arrived at. Yet aphorisms masquerade as human realities, platitudes become psychotherapy and encomiums, held up gently but firmly constitute morality. The nebulous search for selfhood fragments and disperses identity. And while the polymorphousness of identity is indisputable the totalization of a fragment as the indissoluble kernel is deplorable. Discourse has become increasingly monologic which with subtle irony both subverts yet subterraneously affirms postmodern postulations. In the penumbra of self disclosure the element of self parading becomes manifest. Dyadic exchanges, be it between facebook chats or in the couch have become markedly self serving. Ironically everyone wants to speak but no one wants to listen yet we all desire to be heard. And trolling, stalking become institutionalized, even normalized and the vituperative impugning of their encroachments is inversely proportional to its insidious reinscription as an inevitable normative.

These spaces are mirrors that validate bourgeoisie individualism. The search for wholeness, always uncertain is diminutively and exiguously foreclosed. And the patina of progress is but an inadequate simulacra and denotes ironically, a regression and infantilization. Everything that adult self sufficiency expects us to curtail is egregiously reinstituted through social networking. The mirror yields an image which we mold into exigent configurations, hoping that the image, ipso facto and its unrepresentable holism seamlessly coalesces with the form we impose. That, somehow through projection a convergence occurs which leaves singular narcissism intact but blends the individual to the collective. Yet the collective is always individual and it is a mythology whose deceptive undertones of the art of living and meaning of life splinter into nothingness. Yet a modicum, a remnant of the selves we think we are or become persists and through the scaffolding of concealment, both without and within that social networking brings into being we resume our ignorant traversings of the quotidian and though corporeally successful are metaphysically, a metaphysical we ourselves gratuitously believe as the ideal, obliterated.

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