Friday, December 14, 2012


The hinges squeak
Stippling the eardrums
With daubs of disquiet
Because an infinitesimal
Anomaly, if borne out
Becomes congealed.

Yet air, instead of rushing in
Gathered together like a seam
Funnels out in one whoosh of expulsion
Leaving, in its wake, emptiness
And attenuated being.

Reconstitution is inconceivable
As the door swings back and forth.
Circuitous causality renders the
Cycle of grief and joy, like an image
Reduplicating, wavering, at times blurring
But latent.

The mirror by the wall registers
The motion/motionless door,
Opening and shutting, so that,
The image and fate, reflection
And causality, represent (re) present
With the irrevocable finality of destiny.

Yet the interstices in the door
As it caves in, billows leaves room
For a spark of hope to set in, which
As the door finally jambs shut
Regresses to nothingness.

Sunday, December 9, 2012


While structures of logic reduplicate they shrivel  and coil in circumlocutory whorls. Emanated from a consciousness that is based on the law of regression, this luminous quest for meaning traverses ontology in reverse and telos forwards. By tracing back to a nebulous parthenogenesis an immutablility reality is arrived at. The constituents of this reality are unequivocally singular yet these particularities reconstitute into arabesques studded with filaments of iridescence whose momentary sheen irradiates meaning. The whole, the collective is a mirror which spawns and replicates its image of itself but it is in the specificities of the specular image, the sifted through cornucopia of dimensions it encompasses, that reality resides, a disaggregated reality but a reality whose fragmentary incompleteness congeals meaning, conceptualizes being and ratifies multifariousness.

If introspection splits and introjection alienates then where does metaphysics arise? It arises from that indeterminate hinterland where the apocryphal and an unknown actual meet. Evanescence imbues meaning through crystallization. In making of the loophole of actuality a discourse on unknowability metaphysics reaffirms its patina of uncertainty. When uncertainty becomes a raison d etre it also becomes a site of transcendence. Corporeality, stippled with kaleidoscopes, susurrates to the music of the spheres while its sheath, the mortal frame becomes a superfluous integument whose seat of power the soul peregrinates the hitherto unplumbed. A dislocation has occured, an unavoidable dispossession yet no substitution has occured. On the contrary the impalpable has divested knowingness of its illusory appurtenances.

Yet this untapped realm is of us, by us. It brought us into being. It validated existence by virtue of its incorporeality. Like tabula rasa we came , equipped with nothing but that metaphysical mirror, before whose alternating reflections we sought to reconfigure ourselves, create forms out of phantoms, give shape to the formless, explicate the inchoate. And in that penumbral realm where the reality, unknown as it is and the design we shape it to intersect, the unconscious is born. Metaphysics is interstitial, between thought and word, conception and perception, meaning and fact, life and beyond life.