Sunday, November 4, 2012


Ensconced in the sacrophagus of purity
Beauty extrapolates her mind
Dreaming of, under glittering daylight
Of the mauve penumbra of secrecy.

Outward compliance in her belies
A inner tumultuous churning
Unaware of which she, listless
Passes fruitlessly lonesome days.

She, dreaming, kneads her imagination
With visions of  swirling, spiraling acts
That transmute the bleached quotidian
With sublimely kitsch freneticism.

She yields supine, to her fancies
Of the hulking, looming beast
As she fancies his stippled crenellations
She swoons in undisguised eroticism.

She proffers herself up, to be ravaged
By a counteracting forceful force
Awake she blanches, with disgust
At the dark nature of her imaginings

Gilded and aureoled by virginity
Desirous of subsumption, fearful of despoilation
She whiles and fritters the time between the
Illusion of life, reality of dreams.