Thursday, October 25, 2012

Narrative of the faucet

Under the insistent pressure of the knob
Acc/decelerated streams of water unfurl
A fusillade of swamping overflow
Alongside a dribbling, sputtering out.
Corporeal lineaments cleanse and
Divest layers of accumulated grime
As traversing the runnels of the body
The water funnels down the drain.

The beige colored walls register
As do the mauve curtains
The impassive flow of water
And the attendant impersonality
Speckled drops of water gleam
Coruscatingly as the neon light
Flashes, ricochets and refracts
Prisms of commingled flesh and fluid.

Spouting, sucking in, releasing, absorbing
The self sufficient faucet does its work
Though it depends on the whimsy of
It's interlocutor, its permanence endures.
Yet the mortal frame, invidious believes
Himself the master of technology
The faucet, in numerous forms
Bemused, goes about its work.