Saturday, October 6, 2012


The impassive mirror
Peremptory, neutral
Reflects speleology
Not as it is but
As it is seen.

Yet the quest to locate
A fulcrum or point of fixity
Is rendered essential, essentialist
Perhaps, by the image the mirror proffers.

Ellipses (re) presentation, projections
Variegatedly intersect and a nebulous
Identity defined against this flux
Of contradictory reflections.

One is not one, yet not other
The reflection, a priori, doesn't lie
But distilled through a subjective aegis
Becomes a site of unbridled self deception.

The other doesn't need the self
As much as the self needs it yet
Though absent, unrepresentable,the other
Is indispensable for the self.

The other, with vestiges of sanctity
Silhouettes an indeterminate self which
Riven by tenuous self conception
Itself becomes the other.

Friday, October 5, 2012


A blueprint of amorphous unconscious forces, a demonstration of the underlying anteriority within inner space constitutes much of psychosis. A psychotic's perception is distorted and rendered hallucinatory by virtue of certain neurochemical anomalies and dysfunctions . They may see things, hear voices and perceive, through inchoate meanderings, a fundamentally twisted and convoluted spiraling inwardness that an infant inside the placenta is doubled up, folded in on itself, both self enclosed and self contained. The amniotic fold is the sheathe which simultaneously circumscribes and liberates.. Psychosis projects, through indeterminacy of reason, propensities that detonate and undermine structures of ego and superego. Yet, though possessed of the id's primevality, the superego's punitive, retributiveness is equally present in a psychotic mind.

Inturned expostulations and circumlocutions often mirror a mirror's relationship to the one who looks at it. The mirror ( conscious) faithfully and impassively, within the closed circle of self and self reflects that which is proffered to it. Yet the corporeal worldliness of the mirror implies that any gaze directed upon it, though unreflectingly ricocheted attenuates and becomes representative of measured self communion for the interlocutor. The more frenetic the distance from an ostensible reality, the more indefatigable is the impulse to penetrate the truth. It is not twice removed but symbiotically cleaved to a reality that goes back and forth because there can be no image without the mirror and no mirror unless an image yields itself up as subject/object.

Inaccurate overdeterminations may implacably attune the flux of images and patterns of being into ontological tremulousness yet the reality of overcompensated for external reality, distilled through frantic hallucinogenic gropings, is ineluctably interlinked and intermeshed in a psychotic's consciousness. As stated, the interlocutor's perception, the fervor of his propinquity/distance from the image signifies his ambivalent and equivocal peregrination of the real whose impersonating of itself as real cannot negate its autogenetic self constitution. Yet a modicum of collective complicity renders this putative real real. And it is this real, whose inadvertent/perhaps willing repudiation causes the psychotic to surrender to the propulsive ferocity of proliferating delusions whose depredations take numerous forms but whose constituents are unambiguously singular.

Ellipses, misrepresentations, metonymic slippages are perhaps natural because the suppression of exteriority is in direct proportion to its unmitigated representation in the mirror. But because the reality, compounded, rendered metaphorical through depersonalization underpins its variegated dimensions, it is of necessity, intra real yet inter real. Intra because its monologic colloquy due to outer repudiations and inter because it can coexist inextricably but cannot commingle, without disastrous consequences as such interpenetration renders a sense of selfhood, however tenuous, into obliterated non being. A leap of faith may confer an illusory intermarriage, buttressed by imagination but two incontestably dyadic realities cannot intermingle though they can intersect. The image cannot become the mirror nor the mirror coalesce with the image.

Interventions, disavowals depersonalize the depersonalization of the psychotic. Riven by divisions the psychotic's fragmentation within his self existent world causes a relocation of his dispossession into the arena of the acceptable. The gaze into the mirror is palpably not disavowed but the perceiving consciousness has metamorphosed. It still sees itself in a narcissistic self regard but because its self regard is validated, celebrated and consecrated as a return to the real its gaze is overlooked. Perhaps this gaze is the individual's sifting through the debris of the collective or an affirmation of its singularity within the collective.

Psychosis was never an undifferentiated dispersal of reality into constituent unreals. Rather it was a para reality that amplified the veracity and uncertainty of the so called real through redoubling, mis/re apperception, reconstitution, reordering and recreation. Yet its representativeness, because based on unreason ( though there is no ipso facto reason) resulted in a kind of reappropriation whose precariourness and removal from the collective made it appear as irrational. The self couldn't see the mirror as a mirror but only its image. Once it could differentiate between being and image, dislocation and diffusion, dismembering and becoming and mirror and selfhood, it reemerged from the cauldron of id, never eschewing its presence or validity but reconstructing its dynamics into a seamless navigation. Psychosis, unobliterated but redistributed and redefined, singularly indelible yet collectively intertwined, part but whole.

Thursday, October 4, 2012


Prim, iconoclast, fluid, crystalline
She traverses tradition's ream
In an endeavor to find her voice
She unravels convention's seam.

The frayed desiccation of contemporaneity
Stipples her effort with futility
Yet the archetypal telos of her being
Suffuses anachronism with utility.

In that timeless, clogged realm
Where identity meets fate
She, negation of her own self
Inhabits a dislocated state.

Out of this displacement
She seeks to pierce vitreous custom
By finding that which defines her inadequate
she tries to her new reality accustom

Today she proliferates, with ubiquity
The labyrinth of a once male portal
Imbuing the ambiguity of obliquity
Of her profession by rendering it immortal.

She penetrates the nooks of inwardness
To extricate moments of being
And out of her putative waywardness
Would apotheosis be seeing.

No longer does she propitiate
Or obsequy  to the male
She, now an old hand, no initiate
Is unafraid to fail.

Yet times when she is condescended
To, she responds in a way that befits
However, having her new space ascended
Her fate, by her own hands is writ.


Humpty Dumpty has a reality but the realness of that reality is uncertain. Humpty Dumpty has had experiences but has never experienced them. His tenuousness of being counterpoints his obdurate self regard. Encased in the aureole of  a complacent being he inhabits the wall the way an onlooker inhabits the mirror. The wall extrojects his being whilst projecting his effluvium onto itself. It becomes a symbol of the reality he siphons off because it is disagreeable.

Like a lordly infant, whose importunate needs necessitate gratification, Humpty reposes majestically. Yet like all intransigent upstarts he will fall and he will fall because he was, albeit temporally inhabited, unreal. The wall is that in him that he cannot outface nor is he that which cannot be outfaced. But obdurate in denying experience his outfaced propensity diminishes while that of being outfaced augments.

What we essentially see then is an apocryphal wholeness that has split since the wholeness was an abstraction. Yet within the seemingly indestructible solipsistic world Humpty inhabits, for the wall is nothing but a mirror self refracting, ricocheting, only a desideratum of self awareness filters, which though momentarily ascendant, is immediately dissolved. If Humpty were to beat his head against the wall/mirror it would remain impassive. The inviolate mirror/intractable wall is unaltered though Humpty will be transformed.  What he is, what he has created himself as, what he should be and what he wants to be have intersected and blended so confusedly that even a modicum of veracity is obliterated. All that remains is an impasse, a chasm in whose churning waters a precarious physiognomy sees itself, blurring, wavering , eventually reduced to nothingness.

The fall occurs. Hubris is recompensed. The mirror ( which was always within yet without) cracks, splinters and Humpty, in insensible inertia is immovable.