Thursday, September 6, 2012


You stand at the fringes , looking in. You have acquired this assortment of pages whose universe within beckons irresistibly. You saw the rind of skin, the integument and hypothesized the contents within. What you think you expect and what will emerge after immersion is inconceivable, though you have a few pat answers. Like viewing expressionist art you think you are readied to penetrate the intersections, the convolutions, the inchoate distortions that create yet subvert meaning. You are well versed in the modernist  novel and acquainted with post modern ratiocinations. You assume that, having faced the tough, the indecipherable, the hieroglyphs of what you hold will be apprehended.

Yet the tunnel is not a labyrinth or spiraling concavities. You traverse its spaces seamlessly and the smooth journey catches you by surprise. Caught unawares, unprepared you thought you would encounter angst, fragmentation but this iridescent linearity discomfits you. You began on a dotted spot, navigated the continuum and finished at the end. What is more astonishing is that you suspended your cynicism as though entering the tunnel was a stripping away of layers of swaddled gauze and a absorption into a uncomplicated catafalque. The simplicity baffles you.

Yet in an imperceptible yet palpable way you have changed. A metamorphosis has been wrought in you. With the divesting of external appendages your interiority is left open to transformation. Gusts of wind, creeping in through the interstices ripen your flesh, your skin breathes through its pores and is irradiated with a burnished sheen. Your heart has been suffused with feelings you thought were unknowable. As of now this transformation is nebulous, unformulated by cognition. It is its unformed nature that renders it efficacious.

What you have done is to enter the bare bones of a story, whose luminous accoutrements  have been ingested, absorbed. What has happened is that you have emerged unscathed but with a new dimension. You have become, in a sense, whole.