Sunday, August 19, 2012


If, along a continuum of variegated configurations of self definition, an identity is crystallized uncompromisingly as monolithic and prescriptive, spaces for interchange are inescapably circumscribed. However, if along the same continuum, coexistence, rather than reification is the norm then multiple permutations yield multiple concatenation of beings, identities. As of now, such a possibility is amorphous but its nebulousness doesn't make it unreachable but something to work towards.

A simple relationality binds us. In any colloquy with any interlocutor, reciprocity is essential. Yet politics underscore and render ambiguous the possibility of seamless interchange because modalities of power make contingent realms of communication and what is habitable to one may be uninhabitable to the other. A dialogue needn't be dialogic and seldom is. The social space, gender, economic status, sexual orientation make inadmissible the possibility of true exchange. Within such a scenario auto genesis is intractably lodged in both speakers. Where a putative interlocking is expected, an egoistic self amplification becomes de rigueur.

Yet the self expressed narcissism is apocryphal because it presupposes a self, an incandescent sense of identity which overrides subjective atomizations. As a well encapsulated, self contained functional unit the individual has or confers on himself a chimerical carapace of wholeness. But in the subfusc hinterland of the unconscious, our beginnings are indeterminate and indeterminable. As self deluding denizens of unknowingness we seek a modicum of self knowledge but are invariably left clutching at empty air.

However unfathomable true knowledge may be a partial understanding is intrinsic to humans. In an unfathomable realm of non knowing we stipple our unexperienced selves with daubs of knowingness. Striations of awareness dapple the crepuscular gloaming. And with this limited knowledge we create spaces, if not of knowing at least endeavoring to understand and empathize with the other.

Mass culture inundates us with glorifying mythifications of self realization, wholeness. But the very incompleteness precludes and becomes a necessary precondition of relationality. Because we are , in a sense the lacanian real, unsymbolizable, not due to not self symbolizing but unable to locate teleological definitions. Because of radical self indecipherability, the other becomes equally unknowable. And when an inveterate faculty of dissection and presupposed judgements is suspended, a metonymic slippage comes to be wherein across the fissures of our selves an aperture, a thread extends to the other. The other, of necessity, becomes penumbral and across that penumbra where the uncertain normativity which constitutes us is bereft of its hegemonic totalizations and when a similar naturalization of it to the other is exposed, a new homonymy is reconstituted.