Thursday, May 31, 2012


Ambiguity had soldered them, they intersected through force of circumstance, a mutual necessity bound them. Yet they sought recourse in aphorisms which, with exegetical syllogistic clarity, became redoubtable force of law. What one sought the other yielded to yet in his capitulation the other asserted his own strength. The viridian landscape, suffused with sussurating birds, flora dappled with arabesques of luminosity , fauna stippled with ideograms of architectonic convolutions, bespoke a befitting space where the blueprint of their meanderings and nebulous preconceptions could be actualized.

He bestowed while the other partook. He proliferated while the other absorbed, he gave forth and the other passively received. The gradations of interlocked , intertwined systems of power necessitated a mutually contradictory and dichotomous yet dialectical being. Both were mirror images wherein the one saw the inverted image of the other which was an extension of his own subjectivity, distorted through perception, metamorphosed through perspective. This mutual symbiosis also transmuted to their communication wherein their language was transfigured into a arboreal concatenation of intermixed dialects that reaffirmed their fundamental dependence on each other.

His back was stippled and ridged with emblems of nature, tableau vivants which grounded him as a man of nature. Desire, for both men, was negation because they hadn't gotten around to articulate the unguessable, inexpressible feelings each roused in the other. Numerous dimensions of being cleaved them together, cleft the gravid, separate longings each felt and distended them with subterranean desires each sought to materialize. Yet a curious reticence withheld them from demonstrating their need which was also an expression of weakness that would dessicate and shrivel the superimposed significance they had for each other.

Speaking of mirrors their coalescence was compounded when their endeavor to penetrate the essence of the other was inevitably balked by their self conception which irradiated their sense of perspicuity but made crepuscular the gloaming that made difficult the soldering of two beings. They knew each other as well as they knew themselves. The aegis of subjectivity made of their understanding a subfusc hinterland where the self and the other became meaningless words, no longer signifying the binary they were meant to be.

Yet the self they both inhabited became the medium through which they interpreted each other. For all compassion, condescension and regard is the symbolic externalization of an interiority whose undifferentiated anteriority transcends time and becomes a universal expression of humanity itself.

That cataclysmic morning the iridescent dew glinted in the stems like sequins, the opalescent sun suffused the stratosphere with a clarity indecipherably hallucinogenic. The men, in their endeavor to percolate, to drink the inexhaustible founts of each other's being, made physically manifest, a palpable act that congealed their togetherness and distilled and intensified in their unison the undercurrent of sexuality.

They kissed.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I was walking through the neon lit , tenebrous labyrinth of the city which, though peopled with proliferating masses of civilians, gleamed, under the artificial light of the streetlamps, with an inconsolable loneliness. The unpeopled spaces were, to me, habituated to solitude, more attractive and prepossessing. So i stuck to the margins, which studded with people who, by virtue of their incongruity, huddled together to create a communality of non conformity. In contrast to their poetic beauty, the neon traversed center seemed kitsch and parochial..

I navigated through the darkness and came upon a secluded house whose spire emitted tremulous puffs of smoke. The house, with its beckoning turrets seemed to invite encroachment and seemed to possess an inviting air, tempting the passer by with an opportunity to partake of its beauty, as one pauses before one's reflection in a mirror before moving on to whatever it is that one must be doing.

So i entered the house and saw whorled and ridged in its interstices, uncertain odors, indefinable and uncontainable within the dichotomous nature of smells as good and bad. And as i tunnelled inwards i saw, before me, reposing in front of a mirror, an indeterminate person whose essence was uncapturable because it was neither masculine nor feminine. He/she seemed to inhabit an ambiguous realm which seemed anomalous only because i was accustomed to a binary where roles were clearly defined, identities seamlessly spelt out. Therefore the difference was disquieting.

This indeterminate figure possessed eyes that were subaqueous, that seemed filled with pain and meanings which liquiefied seemed to embody a form of tremulous tears that would pour forth any time. His/her regal cast of chin, aquiline nose and choice of sartoriality seemed to signify a feminine embodiment so henceforth i will refer to her as she. She was an essence of womanliness that was unrestrained because it lay beyond definition, beyond encapsulation. Yet the essence she created was of her own making. She became what she did and wasn't an ontological creation. She towered over as she stood up and delivered a soliloquy that was also a dramatic dialogue. So i shall end my narrative by transcribing verbatim the contents of her discourse.

'I am an iridescent filament whose opalescence is irradiated from within and like an aureole embalms me in my purity and unsullied innocence. I choose to make of myself a being whose undefined nature carves its own definition. I proffer my votive offerings to an indeterminate sexuality that, consecrated through time, renders my being equivocal and subfusc. Through the gloaming of non being, compounded of indifference and sanctimony i reconstitute myself afresh. I asseverate my normality in a world whose sense of itself is suspect. I , through my indeterminacy, render the world i inhabit precarious too.I do not seek a self awareness through redefinition. I rather refer to the constructed nature of that which surrounds me and empower myself by making of myself what i do. I peregrinate duality and yet i recreate it through an act of will.Even though i become another category my compartmentalization validates the tenuous nature of atomization. My unwavering luminosity is a created sense of being, untarnished by custom, untainted by convention, undefined by corporeality. My integument is a mirror to my inner being. As i stand before this mirror my ambivalence is unexacerbated by a sense of divisiveness. Perspectives and arabesques enhance and categories recede. I can be slotted a name but i am uncontained by linguistic predicates which name but don't constitute. I am a parthenogenetic selfhood whose tabula rasa reaffirms my essence which i flesh  out. Hence the indefinable me is defined through negations that affirm. I become and thus come to be.