Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Homosexuality has permeated popular consciousness in unexpected ways. Even my maid's ten year old daughter knows what homosexuality is. The fact that 'dostana' helped her figure it out and accept it and think it cool is a representation of proliferating images which bespeak a reality that , though emanating through storytelling, nonetheless attaches itself indelibly on young impressionable minds. The obverse of it is that it makes trendy and fashionable something which is a fundamental reality of mankind. It trivializes and ennobles simultaneously.

Stereotypes often come to be seen as embodying incontrovertible truths. Yet, despite their apocryphal nature they contain truths that are ineluctable. Why is it that usually one gay is able to imperceptibly glean significations about another persons homosexuality. What are the projections from the other that lead to such conclusions? or for that matter, how do 'straight' people realize that someone's gay? Well, at a deep primordial level certain unfathomable proclivities may necessitate such a conclusion but it is often based on behavioral attributes that such a conclusion is arrived at. And a movie like 'dostana' uses these stereotypes to create on celluloid a popular form of entertainment that unavoidably caricaturizes , diminishes yet manages to make a statement.

The downside of such unidimensional signifiers is that a complex reality gets circumscribed into archetypal collective consciousnesses of people. This, rather that broadening causes intransigent crystallization of profound phenomenon. Homosexuality, so prized by the greeks, loses its intellectual blamelessness when its transposing into contemporaneity invariably brings into being prurient and lubricious undertones. And it is here that pornography creates images that seemingly liberating create an impossible gay ideal which one constantly seeks to realize in reality. In such a process real, fallible, three dimensional flesh and blood is often overlooked. In pursuing indefatigably an image, which is but a simulacra , we lose touch with actuality. Also this over rating of sex may inflame libidinous propensities but proves unsatisfying when its transubstantiation into reality becomes unattainable.

Any conjunction, any amalgamation between two beings is an endeavor towards wholeness, a sense of repletion on all fronts. Sexuality is but a conduit for such a transcendence. Undeniably ideal as this goal might seem it is the horizon towards which we tirelessly advance as it recedes. Deconstructing this as a fundamental illusion may suit postmodern thinkers but it is its quest that propels us and spurs us on. A orientation is not a repudiation or subverting of it but another means, another pathway to this funnel.

And finally homosexuality loses its piquancy when it is rendered putatively real because such a course of things confers a carapace of wholeness which renders its reality unassimilable. I feel its coalescing into ' quotidian' can only enhance its uniqueness. Till then, it remains, as ever an abstraction, however contradictory or transgressive. Till then, its ubiquity seems both a wonderful possibility and a realizable actuality.