Saturday, October 6, 2012


The impassive mirror
Peremptory, neutral
Reflects speleology
Not as it is but
As it is seen.

Yet the quest to locate
A fulcrum or point of fixity
Is rendered essential, essentialist
Perhaps, by the image the mirror proffers.

Ellipses (re) presentation, projections
Variegatedly intersect and a nebulous
Identity defined against this flux
Of contradictory reflections.

One is not one, yet not other
The reflection, a priori, doesn't lie
But distilled through a subjective aegis
Becomes a site of unbridled self deception.

The other doesn't need the self
As much as the self needs it yet
Though absent, unrepresentable,the other
Is indispensable for the self.

The other, with vestiges of sanctity
Silhouettes an indeterminate self which
Riven by tenuous self conception
Itself becomes the other.

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