Thursday, October 4, 2012


Humpty Dumpty has a reality but the realness of that reality is uncertain. Humpty Dumpty has had experiences but has never experienced them. His tenuousness of being counterpoints his obdurate self regard. Encased in the aureole of  a complacent being he inhabits the wall the way an onlooker inhabits the mirror. The wall extrojects his being whilst projecting his effluvium onto itself. It becomes a symbol of the reality he siphons off because it is disagreeable.

Like a lordly infant, whose importunate needs necessitate gratification, Humpty reposes majestically. Yet like all intransigent upstarts he will fall and he will fall because he was, albeit temporally inhabited, unreal. The wall is that in him that he cannot outface nor is he that which cannot be outfaced. But obdurate in denying experience his outfaced propensity diminishes while that of being outfaced augments.

What we essentially see then is an apocryphal wholeness that has split since the wholeness was an abstraction. Yet within the seemingly indestructible solipsistic world Humpty inhabits, for the wall is nothing but a mirror self refracting, ricocheting, only a desideratum of self awareness filters, which though momentarily ascendant, is immediately dissolved. If Humpty were to beat his head against the wall/mirror it would remain impassive. The inviolate mirror/intractable wall is unaltered though Humpty will be transformed.  What he is, what he has created himself as, what he should be and what he wants to be have intersected and blended so confusedly that even a modicum of veracity is obliterated. All that remains is an impasse, a chasm in whose churning waters a precarious physiognomy sees itself, blurring, wavering , eventually reduced to nothingness.

The fall occurs. Hubris is recompensed. The mirror ( which was always within yet without) cracks, splinters and Humpty, in insensible inertia is immovable. 

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