Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Nothingness to becoming- Reassessing Freud And Lacan.

To carry the mirror image further the zero or nothingness that constitutes the infant's sense of reality when he emerges from the womb counters his desperate bid to attach his heart to an object, an object he could then internalize and sublimate. I use the word sublimate fully consciously because an identity is arrived at through it. From a sp
eck of nothingness in a bewildering world to becoming a distinct identity, a marked presence is a process of both disavowal and assertion. While certain propensities, like the oedipal, are indubitably relinquished, others like the superego are augmented and exacerbated.

Freud would mark the girl child's passage even more arduous. Yet it is from an undifferentiated collective with singular variables, individual constituents that we emerge. And jung's postulation of a collective unconscious was just a semantic term because for Freud too the unconscious, as demonstrated in Totem and taboo or 'civilization and its discontents' was almost always collective.

A woman's space is particularly circumscribed by culture because the characterology constituting her is culturally predetermined. Self determination is a male prerogative while biology constrains women. The imperceptible or marked iconoclasm is underpinned by her essential inequality to man and no feminist theory has, as of yet, managed to obliterate that dichotomy. The female infant, i will radically suggest does not always suffer from penis envy. To do that presupposes a ubiquitous phallus which, though widespread is always contingent. Rather to me the mother, than the mirror functions as the true mirror that crystallizes identity. The male child perceives his essential and inescapable difference from his mother. Throughout rivalry to the father to an identification with him the mother is a receptacle who affirms the hommo social bond. The mother is the object of exchange whom the son and father pass back and forth. These oscillations are culturally sanctified. And penis envy, if it implies not having the phallus applies equally to men because a phallus as signifier needs something to define itself against. The woman becomes that other.

Women, on the other hand are also affected by the mother. But unlike the male child who sees an other to congeal being through absence the female child sees herself reflected unambivalently. She is unequivocally herself, self possessed and inviolable, in the mother child equation. The father is an other, desired and desirable but an other who will always be other. The male child divests the mother while the female child becomes the mother. The oedipal conflict, if any is actually problematized because a mirror cannot become the image it reflects. The phenomena may be varied too as the ego ideal for the female, unlike the male is an affirmation. It arises out of a luminous cleaving than a sundering. It isn't negation but affirmation.

When the phallus is taken as signifier it permeates interpretation. But the phallus would be incomplete without the womb. It is a symbiotic relationship and the phallus appropriates power as the prime mover. Yet the phallus is just what it is, i.e a signifier. The process of becoming ( childbirth) is the signification. So the desire is, as freud says, more than anything to retreat whence you began. The male child forever desires a return to the womb through intercourse and the female child achieves apotheosis and re experiences the primordial unison when she conceives. It is a timeless, archetypal place of return, indeterminate and unvalidated. But, it is all there is.

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